Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tips for a Healthy Green St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Day, instead of comparing only calories in a food, compare what your body gets back from that product. When grocery shopping for party or everyday snacks, avoid the snack aisles all together and hit the outer perimeter of the store for healthy snack options. Skip the chips and dips and serve sliced green veggies with hummus, kiwi and green apples with a yogurt dip, or peanut butter with celery for healthy, and festive, alternatives that match the day and your event’s theme.

Substitute the bread and use lettuce leaves to wrap finger sandwich ingredients in instead! Secure with a toothpick to cut back on calories and still celebrate with adorable green appetizers.

You can also try our famous very green kale and quinoa salad recipe – multiply the ingredients for a larger size that’s perfect for any St. Patty’s Day bash! Also, be sure to check out the Different Kind of Green Pinterest board for yummy green recipes and ideas, like roasted balsamic garlic broccoli or baked kale.

For healthy desserts, we offer sweet treats that are packed with green veggies, and taste divine! Our zucchini chocolate chip cookies are made with zucchini puree and give you all the satisfaction of a traditional chocolate chip cookie without the guilt. For an at-home version, try this recipe for zucchini carrot cookies.

Our super brownie mini muffins, also available in a gluten free option, are a delicious solution to a chocolate craving, and are packed with healthy ingredients, like our spinach puree base. Try making these avocado brownies at home for a do-it-yourself option.

The blueberry pistachio nubbler is also a tasty, all natural, fruity snack that actually pairs wonderfully with wine. All of these products are great dessert options that keep your taste buds happy and your body healthy, while adding a hint of of green to your St. Patrick’s Day.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by incorporating healthy, green foods into your diet, whether you want to substitute for unhealthy snacks, or detox after the celebration. Use these tips to put a spin on your St. Patrick’s Day, and celebrate with a different kind of green!

Healthy Regards,
Lisa Pounds

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